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Please be careful of counterfeit product
It has been reported and confirmed that counterfeits of some KOSÉ brand products are being distributed mainly through e-commerce sites.
March 2024
Licorice-derived active ingredients thoroughly prevent dark spots and care rough skin. Brightening lotion for fresh translucent care skin.
March 2024
UV series that provides freshness and protects comfortably with the touch of melting snow.
March 2024
New innovation of whitening and anti-aging care
Aug 2023
Achieving glowing skin overnight.This sleeping pack wraps your skin in moisture while you sleep, leaving it firm and full of elasticity.
Jul 2023
Celebrating the 15th year of our activates: SEKKISEI's SAVE the BLUE" Ocean Project, Protecting the Coral Reefs of Okinawa.
Mar 2023
Improved gentler formulation that is suitable for sensitive skin to keep skin moisturised and improve skin's moisture barrier.
Feb 2023
New and improved formula that protects your skin from sun damage and environmental stressors while allowing skin to experience long lasting moisture.
December 2022
A low-irritation, ultra-moisturizing cream with thick, balm-like texture that melts comfortably on the skin, forming a strong moisture barrier to lock-in moisture and protect the skin as you sleep.
September 2022
Introducing our new anti-aging serum, Infinity Unlimited Key. Enhance skin’s ability to become more beautiful and awaken its unlimited potential. Two key capsules created with KOSÉ capsule technology achieve vibrant, firm, and glowing skin.
July 2022
A DIY Okinawa sea salt mask packed with the richness of nature. For skin with clarity and minimise pores
March 2022
All-new suncare range that protects your skin from UV, dryness and environment stressors.
October 2021
One drop, infused with the powerful force of moisture. The potent formula defends skin against today's harsh environments. Rejuvenates tired skin and promotes a dewy vibrancy and a wholesome glow.