INFINITYThis skin is proof of happiness.

Unlimited Key Serum

For skin imbued with firmness and vibrancy.
An anti-aging serum that contains two key capsules to protect and regenerate.

A serum that embodies the INFINITY philosophy of focusing on the power of the skin to awaken its beauty. Its revolutionary formula* is rich in innumerable nano-sized Releasing Capsules and 1-2 mm-sized oil capsules. With the fusion of these two key capsules, the serum breathes moisture and glow throughout your skin, making it plump and supple, and leaving it firm and clear. *Revolutionary formula for the brand

INFINITY Unlimited Key Serum

50ml $150

How to Use

  • Use as part of your morning and nighttime skin care routines, after preparing your skin with lotion.
  • Pump the product 2-3 times onto palm and carefully apply it to the skin.
  • Due to the nature of the product, some capsules may remain on the skin. If this occurs, gently rub them in.
  • If it becomes difficult to dispense contents, tap the bottom of the container before using.